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Hey everyone! It suddenly got super cold here in Seoul & I am trying to warm myself with a hot new review… hahaha. I’m going khổng lồ dive right in~ The Mamonde True màu sắc Lip Stick line was launched in October and the line has đôi mươi brand spanking new colors to choose from. The packaging is very clean và simple The lipstick has a full length plastic cap & the lipstick dispenser is a rose gold-ish metal. Each lipstick dispenser is printed with Park Shin Hye’s autograph (limited printed).Bạn vẫn xem: Mamonde true color lip stick review

The finishes on all of the lipsticks are matte, they bởi have a little sheen so if you’re looking for a really dry matte then this might not be what you want. However if you blot after applying the sheen does fade. Colors are very pigmented và is true khổng lồ the color you see in the tube. One swipe on top và bottom is all you need. The application is so smooth for a matte lipstick there isn’t any drag like some matte lipsticks have. It has a special wax formula that helps the sản phẩm glide on your lips seamlessly.

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It feels really comfortable lớn wear and is weightless on the lips. It feels like a lip balm khổng lồ me. My lips are soft my the kết thúc of the day and doesn’t feel dried out. The longevity for a lipstick is really good as well. It doesn’t fade quickly & doesn’t move into the lines on và around my lips.

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I think I like them more than their Creamy Tint màu sắc Balm Intense. I like the texture of these new lipsticks more. I also lượt thích the packing a lot more because I always feel lượt thích I’m going to lớn crack the clear plastic caps on the balms. Each lipstick costs 15,000KRW which makes it one of Mamonde’s most expensive lipsticks. I think they are worth it and I would highly recommend these lớn anyone! The colors and textures are perfect for this fall/winter season. Thanks for reading this review!

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