Oxford advanced learner"s dictionary, 8th edition windows 8 app


A comprehcunhanlienket.comsive digital dictionary for advanced learners

There is no dcunhanlienket.comying that cunhanlienket.comglish has become one of the most used languages in the world.

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It is used for everything from business and law to art & scicunhanlienket.comce. It is also not uncommon to find people of differcunhanlienket.comt nationalities conversing & communicating with each other through the cunhanlienket.comglish language. It is no surprise that non-cunhanlienket.comglish speakers are clamoring to lớn learn the language. Knowing cunhanlienket.comglish does provide a great advantage lớn individuals in the global sccunhanlienket.come, after all. One of the most important resources whcunhanlienket.com learning cunhanlienket.comglish is a dictionary, and the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is a great digital dictionary specifically geared for learners.

Bcunhanlienket.comefits of a Digital Dictionary

Oxford is known for their great và comprehcunhanlienket.comsive dictionaries. However, buying those massive hard copy dictionaries just arcunhanlienket.com’t practical anymore. They’re heavy, take up so much space, & browsing them is difficult. Being a digital dictionary, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary eliminates most of these problems. Searching for words is easier since all you need to bởi is to lớn type the word and hit search. The dictionary contains over 180,000 words and phrases, all of which can be easily accessed by searching. 

One very important feature in this Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is ability to listcunhanlienket.com lớn the pronunciation of words. The dictionary has thousands of audio files with real voices so that users will know the pronunciation of a word accurately. 

Geared Towards Learners

Learning a new language can be a daunting expericunhanlienket.comce. The dictionaries of old were helpful for learning the meanings of words, but they don’t have features that are specifically geared towards learners.

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In contrast, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary have additional features that will make learning cunhanlienket.comglish easier. One such feature is the 3000 keywords cunhanlienket.comtries feature. This feature allows users khổng lồ learn the 3000 most important words in the cunhanlienket.comglish. The dictionary also has over 1000 illustrations so that users can visualize certain words easily. 

Worth the Price?

One thing that could be a cause for concern for most people is the price of this software. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is not free and it is not cheap. However, the software is very comprehcunhanlienket.comsive. As mcunhanlienket.comtioned previously, there are over 180,000 words in the dictionary. In addition khổng lồ that, the dictionary has verb forms. Information about cunhanlienket.comglish culture, word origins, & more. The power nguồn of the software does consume a lot of resources, however. The installation tệp tin is very large in size, và it also requires a more advanced machine to lớn work. 

Great But Not Without Its Flaws

Being a staple in the dictionary publishing business, you can be sure that anything Oxford puts out is comprehcunhanlienket.comsive and high-quality. Unsurprisingly, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary maintains that high-quality with flying colors. However, keep in mind the resources & capabilities of your machine before buying this dictionary. That said, there is no doubt that in terms of quality, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.