Đánh giá kyocera duraforce pro

When Kyocera offered us their “ruggedized” điện thoại thông minh for testing, they wanted us lớn find out how well it would work in ADV environments. Given that the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is meant to lớn take it all and call back for more, we were happy to lớn give it a test.

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I started khổng lồ think about the environments that the phone would be used in. I also thought about the things that might be useful when out and riding.

Test plan

Ultimately, I came up with six unscientific but real-world use tests for the DuraForce Pro 2.

Glove test – Would a rider be able khổng lồ make inputs on the display with a gloved hand?Waterproof demo – Could the phone withstand riding in the rain or immersion in water?Speaker volume demo – Is the phone’s speaker loud enough to be heard with a closed full-face helmet and the visor down or when moving on the trail?Screen brightness test – Since the phone would largely be used outdoors, how well can you see the screen in bright sunlight?Drop chạy thử – Since phones mounted khổng lồ bikes or carried by riders sometimes fall off or are dropped, could the phone withstand a drop from a motorcycle? (Ask me: I know first hand since I totaled my last phone when it fell off at speed on a dirt road.)Feature reviews – Are there any other features found on the DuraForce Pro 2 that would be useful, or at least fun lớn use?

With those test parameters in mind, I set out to see how well the phone works.

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Glove test

Kyocera says that the phone will accept inputs from a gloved hand. However, they hadn’t tested the phone with motorcycle gloves. Frankly, I was a bit doubtful that the phone would be able to lớn sense the touch of a thickly gloved hand.For the test, I donned a well-known maker’s dual-chamber gloves & used the thickest chamber. This would put the most material between the phone and my finger. Using the tip of my finger, I tried to lớn enter the text messaging screen. Nothing happened. I tried again, và still the phone did not sense the input.

The front of the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 phone after the completion of testing.

Pricing for the phone varies considerably. Full retail is $449.99. But there are many, many giao dịch out there where you can get the phone for considerably less. If you are willing to lớn sign up for a contract, some service providers may give you the phone for “free.”Considering that some phones are well over $1,000, (ahem . . . Samsung S10+) the DuraForce Pro 2 seems lượt thích a bargain. In fact, once my current personal phone dials its last number, I may just be in the market for a new Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2.If you want khổng lồ get other viewpoints on the DuraForce Pro 2, click on over to lớn the diễn đàn for an excellent thread on this phone.UPDATE: A representative from Kyocera has reached out lớn let me know that the DuraForce Pro 2 is tested for its MIL-STD 810G compliance by an independent 3rd các buổi party laboratory that has experience with MIL-STD requirements.