Charlotte tilbury the queen matte revolution lipstick


I"ve been trying to lớn be a more consistent blogger & post more here instead of just doing quick summaries on Instagram & since I haven"t done any review on Charlotte Tilbury products on the blog yet I wanted to lớn start with her lipsticks.

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Charlotte Tilbury although pricey is definitely one of my favorite makeup brands. I absolutely love her so glam makeup style & I am definitely attracted to lớn her signature radiant, glowing skin and sultry cat eyes.
from left: Legendary Queen, Duchess, Queen

The three lipsticks I will be reviewing today have two different finishes which I received a while back as the part of theYour Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio, (which unfortunately is not available anymore but you can still get the single shades except for TheDuchess(it"s a very close dupe to a gorgeous nude shade called Pillow Talk, TheDuchess is slightly pinker) which was limited edition shade. Each retails at around $34 so they are definitely not the most affordable lipsticks available on the market but if you love high-end makeup and enjoy good unique lipsticks I think you will really lượt thích these.

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As someone who absolutely loves matte finishes,Legendary Queen (wine red) andThe Queen (magenta pink)are part of the Matte Revolution linethat offers a nice lightweight texture, comfortable wear with beautifully saturated colors. The limited-edition nude shade TheDuchesswas part of the moisturizingKISSING lipstick linethat offers a satin finish.
Top to bottom: Queen, Duchess, Legendary Queen

The Legendary Queenis a wine red shade và it"s one of these red lipsticks that has a perfect amount of darkness without looking too vampy. It"s such a beautiful shade especially if you enjoy wearing reds but would want lớn try something a bit darker.
The Queenshade is described as a rosy pink but it"s much more vibrant than that. Lớn me, it"s more of a muted magenta màu sắc and I think it looks extremely flattering on. It"s one of these bright lipsticks that adds a beautiful pop of màu sắc without being too much if you know what I mean. It"s my go-to Spring-Summer shade for sure!
Part of the KISSING line The Duchess, on the other hand, is such a stunning pink nude shade that instantly became my favorite everyday shade. It has the perfect amount of pink & I am really sad it was a limited edition lipstick. When I compared swatches with the super popular nude shade called Pillow Talk, Pillow Talk seems more beige và warm-toned than The Duchess but still, both are very beautiful & sexy nudes that look very flattering on.
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Swatches. From left: The Legendary Queen, The Duchess, The Queen

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks yet? vì you have your favorite shades?Have a great weekend!xox,

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