Brit rhythm for men by burberry cologne review



Burberry Brit Rhythm is a men’s fragrance that has seen something of a success in recent years. So let’s demo it against our Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula!

The following reviews takes a close look at Burberry Brit Rhythm. With our formula, we’ll evaluate its notes, life-cycle unique and strength as well as its value for money.

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Brand: BurberryFragrance: Brit RhythmConcentration: Eau de ToiletteIntroduction: 2011

Launched in 2011, Brit Rhythm’s is the iconic British luxury brand’s most accessible fragrance. Brought to lớn you by Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo và Olivier Polge, Brit Rhythm was made by the same team of noses as Paco Rabanne Invictus in 2013.

In fact, Brit Rhythm was so successful that a feminine version was released in the following year.

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Burberry Brit Rhythm’s Composition

Striving to create an overall leather fragrance, Brit Rhythm is assortment of resin, wood & aromatic notes. The resulting blend brings Burberry Brit Rhythm into the Woody Spicy Leather sub-family.

Head Notes


Brit Rhythm opens on a refreshingly sharp head composed of basil & verbena. Meanwhile, bitter cardamom và ripe juniper berries create contrast for a warmer finish.

Heart Notes


As the head’s sharper notes fade, a leather accord reveals itself through a blend of musky labdanum and balsamic benzoin. Earthy patchouli lingers to offer a more rounded & tangible leather scent.

Base Notes


The patchouli evaporates to lớn leave the leather accord, which interacts with the base’s woody notes. Fresh cedarwood và bittersweet tonka bean make a spicy & resinous accord. Shortly after, myrrh creates a sweet licorice note, which playfully hangs over the leather finish.

Brit Rhythm’s Life-Cycle

Brit Rhythm’s is generally interesting and avoids featuring an overall linear evolution. Whilst the head can be overly sharp, the ensuing heart và base feature fluctuating independent notes that make tantalising accords.

However, sometimes the fragrance lacks balance. As mentioned above, the head is very sharp & zesty whilst the heart can be too sweet. However, the dry down is very enjoyable and the remnants of the heart interact very well with the base.

Wake & Strength Of Brit Rhythm

When the base is still fresh, both the sillage & projection are perfectly adequate. They perform well and give tantalising hints at a fair distance. However, they vị reveal themselves a little too early và don’t leave much mystery at a few feet away.

However, the longevity is somewhat weak & the fragrance loses momentum within a few hours. It’s still present some hours down the line but only a pale reflection of its former self. If sprayed on before leaving for work in the morning, it may need a đứng đầu up just before the lunch break.

Do People lượt thích Burberry Brit Rhythm?


Overall, Burberry Brit Rhythm seem to lớn be a fragrance best received by younger people. Lacking the subtle maturity expected from more high-end fragrances, it reveals too much of itself too early on when tested.

This sentiment was reflected when tested. For instance, older men & women tended lớn find it a tad obnoxious and lacking in any refinement. However, young people between their late teens and early twenties were quite fond of its brash rebellious character.

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You could perhaps associate this fragrance with a modern twist to lớn young punk rock fans who spend their Friday nights at local concerts. Their leather jackets & schoolbags are covered in metal studs và patches và their fringes are dyed in various shades of purple. The older generation look on disapprovingly, having been their once, but the kids see themselves as tough và independent.

When Should You Wear Burberry Brit Rhythm?

Firstly, being a leather fragrance with oriental aromas, Burberry Brit Rhythm is too resinous for the warmer months. This fragrance would feel out of place during the late spring and summer. However, it shines particularly well as an autumn và winter fragrance.

As was more-or-less suggested above, Burberry Brit Rhythm is a young fragrance. It seems best suited for males between their teens & early twenties và would be difficult to wear by professionals.

Similarly, this is a decidedly casual fragrance. Unless you work in a very liberal environment, it’s unlikely that Brit Rhythm would be suitable for the workplace. Similarly, it’s not the sort of fragrance you’d wear on a date. However, it’s probably perfectly fine for weekends or a night out.

Interestingly, Brit Rhythm features some classically masculine notes. However, it’s liberal use of tonka bean & patchouli make it too sweet khổng lồ be a conventionally macho scent. In fact, it’s a fragrance that could be probably worn by women in their twenties with a certain rebellious streak.

In fact, it would be easy khổng lồ imagine this scent paired with an oversized leather jacket và dark nail varnish.

Presentation và Value For Money

It’s hard lớn decide on the bottle itself và whether it’s attractive or not. Whilst the concept is quite engaging with its checked glass design, the glass feels uneven & crooked. This handmade aesthetic may be intentional but it doesn’t seem in line with the geometric design.

Similarly, the acrylic bottle cap is an interesting idea but the kiến thiết feels lượt thích an afterthought. The square shape lacks identity and their edges are uncomfortably sharp.

However, the atomiser is quite good. It performs well with a sharp spray that creates a fine mist. Underneath the button, the fragrance name has been engraved into the metal, which is a nice touch.

Furthermore, the packaging is quite reasonable. The matte cardboard has a similar checked finish as the bottle with bold silver text.

Finally, the value for money is particularly interesting to lớn say the least. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this fragrance is so successful.

Through FragranceX, you can pick up 3 Oz (90 ml) for a song at only $30. Confusingly, however, bottles of the same size are being sold for some reason on Amazon $52, which is much more expensive.