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Hong Kong to remove ban on international flights from April 1

The government of Hong Kong said that it would remove the ban from nine countries including Britain, the US, Australia, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The city had p... More

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Miradouro domain authority Senhora vị Monte

Lisbon"s cityscape is littered with many steep hills which allows for several vantage points with magnificent views over the city. There are many terraces or plazas from where one can look over t... More


Off-road drive to tuy nhiên Kul: where the xanh beckons

ierra café at Bishkek (the capital thành phố of Kyrgyzstan in central Asia) not only brews coffee but also serves as a meeting point for many travellers, from across the globe. At any given point, jus... More


Zipline Kao Yai da Mountain

What, you thought Pattaya was all beaches và water-based activities! There is so much more! Located about an hour’s ride from Pattaya up on the side of the mountain is Canopy Adventures, perfect... More


Fiumicino-Leonardo domain authority Vinci Airport

Fiumicino has three passenger terminals - Terminal A handles domestic flights, Terminal B some domestic & international flights, và Terminal C is responsible for transatlantic carriers. Airpor... More

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14 songs khổng lồ fire up your travel playlist!

Music is a journey và vice-versa, for a journey can be musical if you know what songs to lớn play while travelling. We are pretty sure you all have your own travel playlist ready và updated from ti... More

Lohri 2018: everything you wanted to know about this fun festival of Punjab

Lohri 2018 is about to come & will mark the first celebration of the year in India. Và what’s the best part of the colourful celebration? nhảy around the bonfire on dhol beats, clad in colo... More

Ristorante Locanda da Renzo

Located in Siamaggiore, a bit outside of Oristano, on the west of Sardinia, Locanda da Renzo is the perfect place for important events. The location is beautiful và the place stylish. But, most ... More

Temple Church (The domain authority Vinci Code)

The fact that this book probably inspired a new wave of literary tourists doesn’t endear it to me, but the beautiful Temple Church in London’s Temple Bar Complex has become a major attraction ove... More

Sleep on water

Few experiences can measure up lớn sleeping on a bed above the xanh waters of the ocean. We give you the four most stunning spots that will charm you and lull you into dreamy slumber.





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