Review: x96 mini+ a small tv

Currently, a TV-Box is a very useful device in everyday life. That is why most homes have one. This type of smart TV-Box allows you lớn use your TV khổng lồ surf the Internet and access applications similar to those of telephones. Discover in this article all you need to lớn know about the smart TV-Box x96 mini.

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Introducing the smart Box-TV x96 mini

X96 mini is an android TV-Box that runs under the version of app android 7.1.2. When your TV is connected to this TV-Box, it immediately becomes a smart TV. It allows you to lớn access the mạng internet easily. With a square design, the X96 mini measures 9 cm on the side & is 2 centimet thick. As the name suggests, this TV-Box is quite small, so it is very compact and can easily be placed at the bottom of your TV. In addition, it only weighs 115g. You should also kiểm tra our X96 Max review.

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Very innovative device, the smart TV-Box is very simple to lớn install. Immediately after the purchase, it can be installed without the help of a professional. In fact, in the same packaging as the device, you will find a web8_user manual that shows you in detail all the steps khổng lồ install the apk TV-Box.

In essence, you must first adjust the location of the TV-Box, which is usually located on the back of the TV. Then you must connect the TV-Box lớn your TV using the HDMI cable. Then, connect the infrared receiver so you can use the remote control of the smart TV-Box. You can also connect a mouse lớn navigate better between the options. Remember lớn finish your installation by fixing the TV-Box so that it remains in place.


Regarding the firmware, it must be said that the smart TV-Box app android X96 mini is very powerful. In fact, it has an activation system, which allows you to activate it easily. Regarding its Bit system, it is 64 bits. In addition, its WiFi chip is RTL 8189.

The X96 mini, does it work well for IPTV?

In addition to everything said, the smart TV-Box apk X96 mini is perfect for IPTV subscriptions. This smart TV-Box lets you enjoy all your favorite channels, as well as your favorite videos.

Also, since most IPTV subscriptions offered on the internet are not legal, it is very important that you are well informed before subscribing to lớn a provider. However, if you are interested in this type of illegal subscriptions for its very attractive price, we strongly recommend that you install a virtual private network or VPN in smart TV-Box. In this way, your identity will be protected and you will avoid any risk.

Where to buy it và make it cheap?

You can find it in almost all online sales sites. However, we must remind you that the price offered by each site is very different, varies between one store to và another. If you wish to purchase the X96 mini at the best price, go to the most popular online shops, mainly Amazon.


Technical features

The TV-Box X96 mini has 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, which allows you to back up all đoạn clip traffic in the device’s memory and will also start all installed applications.

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If we talk about connectivity, the X96 mini is compatible with most devices, including your bluetooth không dây keyboard. So you can enjoy your smart TV with the highest comfort.

When running under game android 7.1.2, which is a very recent version, Smart TV-Box allows you to download your favorite applications from your TV. To install these applications, you must subscribe to lớn the Google Play Store.

In addition, the Smart TV-Box X96 has several options that you can easily customize and configure. Among these options are the resolution of the screen, WiFi or even the personalization of the source.

In terms of responsiveness & speed, we assure you that the use of the X96 mini is very fluid, due to the power nguồn of its operating system. In addition lớn being equipped with all the classic applications of other TV-Box, the X96 mini also has the KODI function.

It is a very desired application since it allows users to lớn watch streaming videos in excellent quality, including resolution of up khổng lồ 4K. The KODI application also provides access to many other options, such as accessing websites with audio and đoạn clip playlists. With regard khổng lồ audiovisual, the X96 offers 5.1 surround sound audio và excellent video clip resolution.

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Our opinion about the TV-Box android X96 Mini.

After testing the Smart TV-Box Android, we found that the X96 mini is very powerful. This TV-Box allows you khổng lồ comfortably use your TV screen to surf the Internet và watch your favorite videos in high definition.

Therefore we recommend this TV-Box for its high unique and performance. Thanks to lớn its small kích cỡ and simplistic design, the X96 TV Box is practical và very easy to install. This TV-Box is also useful for IPTV & allows the installation of VPN.

However, khổng lồ avoid possible problems, we bởi vì not recommend the use of illegal IPTV subscriptions. In addition, it includes the KODI function, which is one of its great advantages over other Box TV. Because of its large storage capacity, the X96 mini allows you to download and save your favorite programs. Regarding its price, we must admit that this box is very interesting.